How to re-design your old clothes to give them a new look

Have you ever heard of recycling clothes? With the whole craze about recycle and reuse, why not try recycling your clothes. Use some gutsy new innovative ideas to redesign your old clothes and get a completely new wardrobe. You need not have to be on the top list of fashion or be an ardent follower of the latest trends to design your own clothes. All you need to figure out is your personal style and what looks good on you. Never go over the top and stick to what you can carry off easily.

Use your imagination and use your inner hidden arty side to do the transformation to for you. Use beads from old necklaces, fabric colors and sparkle to jazz up any old dress. Cut out a boring gown to make yourself that funky new cool summer dress. Use all your accessories turn by turn, and mix and match to gain maximum styles from the same kinds of clothes. And you thought you need to hit the mall every time you needed a new wardrobe!

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